Ultrasonic Defoaming Technology

Delivering Productivity & Efficiency Gains for Bottling and Canning Packaging Lines

Foam control technology delivering productivity gains, reduced beer losses, excellent oxygen/TPO values and elimination of CO2 bubble breakers.
Defoaming technology delivering filling speed gains, beverage loss & reject savings and increased filling temperature.
Defoaming technology delivering hygiene & quality improvements, productivity and efficiency gains.
Defoaming technology delivering elimination of contamination, quality improvements and productivity and efficiency gains.

Proven Results

Enjoyed by businesses around the globe

Increased Productivity

Filling speed increase, longer run times, reduced down time to cleaning

Deliver on Corporate KPIs

Reduced energy, waste, water consumption and CO2 consumption

Production Efficiency Gains

Reduced liquid losses, can & bottle rejects and waste

Energy Saving

Increased filling temperature, Reduced energy during chilling & pasteurization step

Waste Reduction

Reduced product liquid waste, water washers & chemicals during cleaning cycles

Hygiene & Quality Improvements

Eliminate contamination & microbiological risk on caps, seals, package

Delivering defoaming technology solutions with an ROI in under one year

Ultrasonic Defoaming Unit

Defoaming Unit

Low energy cost, low operational cost, minimal down time for installation (less than 1 hour), fully automated to filler plc, stainless steel 316 material spec, IP67 water proof design, fully resistant to all chemicals during CIP cleaning process, polished steel surface for hygienic design.

S300 Defoaming Control Cabinet


Mounting outside of the filler (wall mounting or stand), Power requirements: Single phase 110-240v, 12A, power/amplitude control & adjustability, cabinet control panel fully automated to filler plc, stainless steel design material spec, water proof design, fully resistant to all chemicals during cleaning process, light beacon for operation/standby and alarm fault, minimal down time for installation (less than 2 hour).